Who Is J’adore Journey?

Meet the creator of J’adore Journey. Pamela Sendee is a world traveler, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Learn about her lifestyle at J’adore Journey, a blog about passions, inspirations, and goals.


Hello guys! Welcome to J’adore Journey, a blog about passions, inspirations, aspirations, and lifestyle – including travel!

My name is Pamela, I travel blog at Pamela Sendee where I document all of my previous and current travel journeys through photos and writing.

For any questions or comments, please email me. IMG_2094-e1419420462860 I am the founder of an international education non-profit organization called Humans of Change. Together we work to alleviate poverty and create sustainability through building schools and education.

I grew up in Northern California and now reside in Cape Town, South Africa. A huge move, but all the more exciting with my partner and puppy.

I’m currently blogging just for the hell of it. I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, food, education, and Ellen Degeneres.

My number one destination in the world is sailing to Antarctica to see the King Penguins on South Georgia Island. What’s yours?

You can follow my adventures on Instagram or Facebook.

For all things travel and adventurous, check out my travel diary. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset To reach out, say hello to me personally.

Love J.J.

7 thoughts on “Who Is J’adore Journey?”

  1. Nice to meet you Pamela! I really support you cause for global education. I’m an aspiring early childhood special education educator so I truly appreciate what you are doing. On the other hand, your travel photos are amazing! I would absolutely love to travel at least to another continent one day, it’s just a bit difficult knowing I have a FT job and cannot take off more than two weeks at a time and if I do, I’m not sure if I will lose my position. On the contrary, once I become a teacher I sure hope to enjoy the summers by traveling with my husband! I’m really looking forward to following your blog!

    Blessings and Love
    Pauline Stephanie


    1. Hi Pauline, it’s very nice to meet you! That’s so wonderful to hear about your special education teaching position. I have a few friends who are in the same field and absolutely love what they do! We need more people like you in the education system. 🙂 I certainly hope you can visit another continent one day – and I’m sure you will! Plus, two weeks is plenty of time for some countries. Haha. I look forward to hearing more about your journey!
      Take care – love J.J.

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      1. Thank you! Special education is my passion ♡ haha yeah I could actually plan something out, i get caught up thinking I need a month or two to truly getaway.
        I look forward for yours as well!

        Blessings and love

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  2. HI, Pamela! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on simple habits to make you happier. I am most impressed with you and your blog. Really wonderful that someone as young as you has already embarked on such a mission. Congratulations and best of luck!


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